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New production process of high carbon ferromanganese

2023-07-14 10:01:07

Nowadays, there are more and more methods for smelting high carbon ferromanganese by high carbon ferromanganese manufacturers, among which three production processes are relatively new, and these three are:

1) By using electronic computer control technology, the carbon content can be controlled, electrodes can be adjusted, data can be stored, and the batch weighing system and feeding transportation system can be controlled to ensure stable operation of the electric furnace, with a decrease in electricity consumption (up to 12% on average) of silicon manganese alloy particles, increased operation time, and extended furnace life. Currently, it has been widely adopted by various countries.

2) Preheating and pre reduction of furnace charge: when the closed FeMn electric furnace is used to produce high carbon FeMn, the furnace charge is preheated and pre reduced by passing through a Rotary kiln with a diameter of 3.5m and a length of 75m, and the iron oxide scale and lime are dried to remove Water of crystallization. When the furnace charge temperature reaches 80 ℃, the furnace charge is put into the furnace. The heat source of Rotary kiln comes from the gas of closed electric furnace. After adopting this method, the production efficiency of the electric furnace has been greatly improved, and the power consumption has been reduced to 2000kWh/t.

3) Production of high carbon ferromanganese using slag retention method: The characteristic of this process is to use slag resistance heat instead of arc heat, promoting the expansion of the reaction zone in the furnace, achieving the goal of reducing electricity consumption, improving element recovery rate, and production capacity.


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