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The Function and Selection of Flux in High Carbon Ferromanganese Smelting

2023-07-14 09:45:03

Causing harmful impurities to form slag.

Control the melting temperature of the slag. The melting point of silicon, such as coal gangue, is 1983 k. If alkaline fluxes such as lime and iron ore are added, the production plant of carburetor produces calcium iron silicate produced by silicon manganese alloy particles and silica. The melting point of calcium iron silicate system is generally around 1373 k. Due to the addition of basic flux and slag discharge temperature ranging from 1983 k to 1373 k, you can melt at low temperatures.

Effectively separating high carbon manganese iron slag from metals by controlling its viscosity and density, thereby reducing metal loss in the slag and improving metal recovery rate.

The selection of flux is crucial for the smelting of high carbon ferromanganese, so how should we choose the solvent? Let's take a look at the Shanghai high carbon ferromanganese supplier.

Generally, it is required to have as high a flux of Active ingredient as possible, the content of harmful impurities as low as possible, such as low sulfur and phosphorus in steelmaking flux), and the strength and debris (particle size) can meet the requirements of the smelting process (such as the strength requirements of the flux for blast furnace ironmaking, the block size of the large blast furnace is 20~75mm, and the block size of the small blast furnace for flash smelting nonferrous metal sulfide concentrate is 10~30mm, with powdery flux, etc.).

The selection of high carbon ferromanganese flux is related to the composition of the metal and ore to be refined. CaO - al2o3-sio2 slag is commonly used in iron and steel smelting, while the ash of iron ore and coke is mostly Acidic oxide (SiO2, etc.), so alkaline flux (limestone or dolomite, etc.) is mainly used. In some cases, acidic fluxes (quartz or lean ore containing acidic gangue) are also used for smelting iron ore containing alkaline gangue. Feo-sio2, feo-cao-sio2, feo-al_2o_3-sio2 are commonly used metals in nonferrous metal smelting, and nonferrous metal ores and concentrates are often accompanied by alkaline iron ore, Calcite, etc. Therefore, quartz or low-grade quartz placer gold ore is mainly used as a flux. When smelting ores and concentrates containing acidic gangue, limestone, iron ore containing alkaline gangue, or non-ferrous metal ores should be added as fluxes.


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