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What are the advantages of smelting stainless steel with high carbon ferrochrome

2023-07-14 09:46:41

According to relevant personnel from high carbon chromium iron washing manufacturers, high carbon chromium iron is an important material for smelting stainless steel. So what are the advantages of using high carbon chromium iron to smelt stainless steel?

High carbon ferrochrome is used as alloying agent in Tool steel, ball steel and ball steel with high carbon content, which can improve the hardenability of steel to a certain extent. Silicon manganese alloy particles can further increase the wear resistance and hardness of steel. Also, in cast iron, high carbon chromium iron is used as an additive, which can help improve the hardness and wear resistance of cast iron, thereby improving the heat resistance of cast iron. Furthermore, high carbon ferrochromium is the main raw material used for medium, low, and micro carbon ferrochromium, and the chromium containing raw material used for electrolytic production of metallic chromium is also high carbon ferrochromium.

The construction cost of high carbon ferrochrome is low, making it suitable for the renovation of existing equipment. Compared with traditional methods, due to the increase in furnace capacity ratio and the increase in oxygen supply intensity, the blowing time of Q345CH steel is controlled within half an hour. The detachable furnace bottom with a ruler can save refractory materials and maintenance time, but the cost is relatively high. The selection of furnace materials is large, and low-cost high carbon ferrochrome can be used to replace the expensive medium and low carbon ferrochrome, with a large amount of carbon waste steel used. Moderately increasing the nitrogen content in steel and reducing the use of oxidized iron alloys can reduce the nickel content by 2 for every 0.1 increase in nitrogen content by the ruler method, without affecting the mechanical properties of stainless steel.


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