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Brief introduction of ferrochromium smelting process with different carbon content


According to different carbon content, ferrochrome is divided into high carbon ferrochrome (including charging grade ferrochrome), medium carbon ferrochrome, low carbon ferrochrome, micro-carbon ferrochrome, etc. The smelting process of ferrochromium with different carbon content is different. Next, the ferrochromium supplier will explain to you:

1. Low-carbon ferrochromium: There are two main smelting methods for low-carbon ferrochromium: high-carbon ferrochromium refining method and electro-silicon thermal method. The high-carbon ferrochromium refining method is further divided into the refining of high-carbon ferrochromium with chrome ore and the refining of high-carbon ferrochromium with oxygen. When using chrome ore concentrate with high carbon ferrochromium, the refining slag has a larger viscosity and a higher melting point, and the smelting process temperature should be higher. The traditional production method is still electro-silicon thermal method. The electrosilicothermic method is to reduce the oxides of chromium and iron with silicon in the silicon-chromium alloy under the condition of making alkaline slag in an electric furnace to obtain medium and low carbon ferrochromium.


2. Micro-carbon ferrochromium: Micro-carbon ferrochromium is mainly used in the production of stainless steel, acid-resistant steel and heat-resistant steel. Micro-carbon ferrochromium smelting methods include electro-silicon thermal method and thermal mixing method. Electrosilicothermic micro-carbon ferrochromium smelting is to add chrome ore, silicon-chromium alloy and lime into electric arc furnace. Electrosilicothermic micro-carbon ferrochromium smelting mainly relies on electric heat to melt the charge. of Cr2O3. The smelting process of micro-carbon ferrochromium by hot mixing method is to carry out hot mixing operation of pre-melted chrome ore-lime melt and silicon-chromium alloy ladle outside the furnace to obtain micro-carbon ferrochromium.

3. High carbon ferrochromium: The smelting methods of high carbon ferrochromium include blast furnace method, electric furnace method, plasma furnace method, etc. Using a blast furnace can only produce special pig iron with a chromium content of about 30%. As of 2012, most of the high-carbon ferrochromium with high chromium content is smelted in the submerged arc furnace by the flux method.



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